Not so much

So much for writing more often. Oh well. Still here, still sober.

I've been busily trying to get a handle on our holiday season. So far I scheduled my little one's fourth birthday party, our annual adult-only Christmas party (invite list currently at about 70. I think I might be crazy.), the cookie exchange which I'm hosting this year, our sleigh ride with close friends, babysitting for our out-of-town corporate Christmas party, the extended family plan for Christmas Eve/Morning/Boxing Day and our trip out of province immediately following the 25th.

As I did all this, it was not lost on me that I was booking stuff the day after other stuff. In other words, I was not scheduling around hangovers. What a crazy concept. I can actually plan to enjoy a sleigh ride after our Christmas party? Well, of course – I'll be a little tired but none the worse for the wear. And when that little voice creeps in and says “Maybe you can drink over the holidays…”, the logical me realizes there is no time for that. Not only is there not time, but I would prefer to ENJOY these things. What another far out idea.

I want to be present. To feel I am engaged in each occasion and event. I don't want to be longing for the couch, or for bedtime. I want to eat well, enjoy activity and fresh air, experience the 'holiday spirit' that doesn't come in a glass, and be able to look back on it with pride in myself and full confidence that I made the most of it.

Off to play in the snow with the kids….

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