Circle Back

Lord knows if this is actually going to work but I've decided that it's time to circle back to this blog and I'm hoping Blogsy might help with this. Only being able to post from the family laptop, when I'm alone, makes it virtually impossible. Mostly because I'm never alone at home….except when I crawl into bed with the iPad. Like now.

Quick update – 110ish days sober. Starting to hear whispers, deep inside, telling me enough is enough. It's like in a horror movie if, say, a dark scary tree was coming alive, and you see the gnarled roots start to grow and creep along the ground – looking for anything to latch onto and take down. The roots of a return to drinking have started creeping and I need to lop them off. Need to keep sober living top of mind. These are still early days and it can very easily, so scarily easily, all go to shit.

And on that cheerful note, off to sleep! You'll be seeing much more of me, dear blog… Time to fortify the trenches.

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3 Responses to Circle Back

  1. nowine4me says:

    I have heard stories in meetings that people mentally relapsed before they actually drank. I often look for signs of that in my life. I get scared every time I think, oh god how can do——-without alcohol. Stay strong, you are worth it. I am sending virtual hugs. – Heather

  2. Running From the Booze says:

    The same thing happened to me right before and after 100 days. The build up
    and then feeling like OK I crossed the finish line I can do whatever I want. Then the knowledge of how guilty I’d feel if I chucked it all in. In the end I had to just let it go for a while and think about it later. Be well. 🙂

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