Lazy Saturday

This will not be the most scintillating post ever…’cause it’s just not a very scintillating time over here in Well Lived land. The kids are happily crafting away at the table in front of me, I’ve finished my second cup of coffee and contemplating a third, no one is dressed, there are no plans for the day and none for tomorrow either. Husband is away for the weekend, and bad as it sounds, it’s kind of nice to be on my own. Today will be filled with shopping, cuddling, hopefully some kind of outdoor time, probably too much TV, maybe a movie at the theatre tonight and more treats than is probably good for us.

I’ve slipped the last few days – not with drinking, rest assured – but on my setting of positive intentions for the day and making sure to spend at least a few minutes meditating or doing some yoga. It’s been a busy time, so I’m not going to be too hard on myself about it, but I hope to re-focus after recharging this weekend.

Yesterday there was some craving, but I’ve realized that as much as I’d almost like there to be, I cannot find a good reason to drink. It just doesn’t make sense for me anymore. I was helped along by a funny WQD poster who described drinking in my journal as, “a fuckwitted way to spend the one-time experience that is life.”


Happy Saturday, all.

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